Website Design

We were the first company in Chesterfield to offer website design back in 1995 – and this gave us an advantage over all our competitors that followed as designers and IT folks realised that the internet, still referred to as the Information Superhighway in those days, was going to be massive.

In truth, it was a bit of an uphill struggle in those early days – most businesses reacted with scepticism as we tried to explain that “this one’s going to change everything”.

As a result of our enthusiasm and commitment to our clients on the web, we have a level of knowledge and experience in website design that our competitors can only dream about.

As the Internet gained ground with the business community, so our client-base spread from local Chesterfield companies to national and international enquiries, with orders from France, America and the Caribbean. With email, instant messaging and video conferencing becoming more and more popular, we found we could easily work with clients anywhere in the English-speaking world.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our greatest success was to come as we entered the search engine marketplace. In the year 2000 we split the company into two trading divisions – one to offer website design and a new company, Search Engine Serious, to offer search engine optimisation.

This proved to be the turning point for the company. Within six months we were number one at Google for the search phrase “search engine optimisation” and the enquiries flooded in. We then went on to became SEO suppliers to companies like Slimming World, Princess Motor Yachts, Derby University, La Senza Lingerie, etc.