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The mobile app industry is experiencing exponential grown and shows no signs of slowing down with well over 1 billion smartphones across the globe (which is double the amount of personal computers) and App sales revenue in excess of £35 billion then maybe its time to consider a mobile app for your business.

X-Press have been involved in this industry sector since 2012 and what better way for us to learn than to design, develop and produce some apps of our own. Primarily focussed on mobile game design and development we took the opportunity to release a few titles onto the App Store, we then gauged customer feedback and learnt a great deal about ASO (App Store Optimisation) and mobile marketing along the way. 

Our Apps

Surf 360 App Icon - App Design ChesterfieldSurf 360

The ultimate endless arcade surfing adventure. Perform stunts, unlock playable surfers and tackle huge surf as you compete in the Surf 360 world championship.

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Fight Pug - App Design ChesterfieldFight Pug

Tackle hilarious challenges with your pudgy Pug as you attempt to become sensational on the speedball or jedi of the jumprope.

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Gary Baldy - App Design ChesterfieldGary Baldy

Avoid the obstacles in this very simple yet highly addictive game.

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Old Folks Karting App IconOld Folks Karting

Wilfred had a burning ambition, all through his life Wilfred had dreamed of being a RACER…

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