Outback Adventures

The Brief

To create a website that was a cross between Disney and Indiana Jones – a family orientated website which promised adventure, without any real danger. A professional, image-led site that was both panoramic and responsive in design and display.

Read what our client said about us:

As a businessman for many years I rather naively believed that the importance of maintaining a good presence on the web was something that could be attended to in the future.

The reality is the web is here and it’s now and any business serious about it’s future needs to look at doing substantial research and making a serious investment with regard to it’s web presence and marketing. That’s exactly what it is, an investment. Of course with so many options out there one of the trickiest problems is to find a company to work with that is right for you.

Our travel and adventure company, Outback Adventures, which is based in the Caribbean, has worked on two major projects with X-Press over the years.

First and foremost I’ve always found that the ethos of working with X-Press is their desire to create and develop exactly what you want and to the best of their ability. Your image is their image, your success is their success, simple as that. Creating a new webpage I’ve always found is something that evolves over a period of time and communication and the development of ideas is of the utmost importance.

Peter Maycock who heads up X-Press has always been readily available and willing to discuss development, design ideas and content at any point, very often in our case outside regular hours due to the time difference here in The Caribbean. Their team of X-Press designers and programmers led by Peter have really gone above and beyond to make sure we got what we wanted and that it fit with the technical challenges that continue to change from day to day.

Our newly designed site is fresh and captures the image we wanted to project, moreover the site is responsive and works perfectly with tablets and smart phones which is a must in this day and age. Our social media marketing has been neatly linked, looped and needless to say the amount of business we currently receive via the web has increased dramatically and we are delighted.

The cost incurred has been very very reasonable and I’ve often thought undervalued particularly in a business that can be full of pitfalls and hidden costs should you find yourselves working with a dishonest partner. Of course this continues to be a work in progress and requires constant attention in order to get the best results.

The bottom line is that we are very pleased with what has been developed and produced by Peter and X-Press and we are more than happy to recommend them and endorse their services.

Phil Hodgkinson
Director – Outback Adventures, Dominican Republic.