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How does your website look on tablet computers and smartphones?

The use of responsive design has become very popular in the last two years as web design companies have to cope with a myriad of hand-held devices being used to access the web.

  • Apple had a profitable year in 2013, selling 16 million Macs, 150 million iPhones and 71 million iPads , said Apple CEO Tim Cook.
  • The launch of the iPad Mini in October 2012 sent the figures through the roof.

Also the sales of Google’s Android-driven smartphones and tablets, which are now greater than Apple’s sales, the future is clearly with hand-held devices.


Responsive Design



responsive websitedesign

But what does that mean to you?

It means if you are not addressing this way of viewing the Internet and using smartphone Apps, you could get left behind. The problem, however, is how you respond to this. There is a case for having a mobile website as well as the one designed for desktop computers, but there are several reasons why this is not a satisfactory solution:

  • Expense – you have to pay for two seperate sites
  • Manageability – you have two websites to maintain and keep up to date
  • Google – it is a fact that Google does not like sites with duplicate content, meaning you have to rewrite the content for your mobile site
  • Links – once again Google’s methodology for ranking sites takes into account the number and quality of sites that link to yours – so you would have to get links for two sites – twice the effort.

Well now there is a simple answer to this problem – Responsive Design. There are numerous software houses that are constantly releasing responsive design solutions that display correctly whether viewed on a desktop monitor, a tablet computer or a smartphone.

Basically, responsive design will reduce the size of images whilst maintaining the size of text for ease of reading and, when necessary, change the whole site layout to fit and function properly on all hand-held devices.

Responsive design examples


A perfect solution – only one site to have built, pay for and maintain – on whatever device it is viewed.

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