The fastest and simplest way to get to the top of the first page in Google is by using pay-per-click advertising.

With Google’s free tools you can find out what keywords people use when searching for your products and services. Just search Google for Keyword Tools, put a few sample keywords in the page and Google will make suggestions and tell you how many people have searched for those words in the past calendar month.


google adwords screen

google adwords

You can then place “bids” on these keywords and, when someone searches for them, your advert will appear above, or to the right of, the normal results. The higher the position, the more the click will cost you.

When someone clicks your ad and goes to your site, your bid for that keyword is taken from your account balance.

You set the maximum price and have absolute control of your budget – how much you want to spend per day, when you want the ads to appear and what words you use.


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