Search Engine Optimisation

Probably the oldest method of promotion on the web, search engine optimisation still offers a great return on investment.

To appear in high positions on Google’s results pages can drive thousands of people to your website – and dramatically improve your sales over the Internet.

After years of fine tuning the way that Google ranks pages, the fundamentals still apply:

  • A clear, unique, descriptive title using keywords relevant to the page content
  • The proper use of headers, body text and link text
  • Navigation allowing search engines easy access to all pages
  • Links from other, quality websites
  • A strong presence on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Search Engine Marketing

Ideally optimisation should be an integral part of your online marketing mix – along with Pay Per Click advertising and social media networking. This “three-pronged” approach will cover all the bases for you and keep sending traffic to your website.

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