Pay-per-click advertising can be an effective form of generating online exposure for any business. A key to making this form of advertising work well for your company is understanding what works and what does not work. A poorly executed pay-per-click advertising campaign can mean wasted time and lost revenue.

Some basic principles to consider in pay-per-click advertising include using the right keywords, composing well-written advertisements, making your ads timely and frequently reviewing your ads.

Generating Internet traffic begins and ends with keywords. If your pay-per-click ads are tied to certain keywords, they will display prominently on the results page when those keywords are entered into a search engine. The goal of every business should be to ensure their ad is the one that shows up with commonly used keywords connected to their product or service. Do homework on what keywords will bring the best results and use those words.

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Keywords hook a potential customer. A well-written advertisement can reel them into your company’s website. Writing good pay-per-click ads can be a daunting task since you need to cram as much information as you can into a small number of words. Less is more with these types of ads. Too much text can cause a potential customer to lose interest.

A pay-per-click ad should always be timely. Include language that encourages people to click now rather than later. This can be used through announcing promotional offers or discounts with the body of the ad. Getting more customers now can mean beating your competition down the road.

It is important to review your pay-per-click ad campaign on a regular basis. Search engines make routine changes to their search algorithms. It can negatively effect where your ad appears if keywords are not kept up-to-date to take advantage of those changes when they occur.


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